Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A "Plan" for 2016

I'm very tired these days . . . I don't know that it's more than usual, however.  I think I'm always quite tired and that I just try to ignore it and run about distracting myself until the fatigue catches up with me.  And then I wonder why I'm so spent!

The past two years, starting in Advent, I've really tried to harness peace in my life.  If "harness" can be used to describe such a word.  I don't know if I've been successful.  I feel more peace, and I think that that's come about by outside forces shifting and settling, things falling into place.  So I can't really give myself credit for that.  This year, the word that comes, un-summoned, is rest.  I want so much to rest.  Rest in my body, rest in my soul, rest in Jesus.  I miss Jesus.

So I want to seek spiritual direction.  I'm just awful at self-motivation.  Having a person to recommend disciplines to me and to check in with me now and again (and pray for me!) is just the remedy.  I'm unsure about how to go about finding one.  The priests I've been to in confession don't seem eager to dole out a lot of advice and/or are questionable on matters of doctrine and practice.  There should be a spiritual direction directory somewhere around here!

I also want to seek out an acupuncturist!  It's been recommended to me by several people and the almighty internet, and I think some damage control in order to preemptively combat the physical pain and  stress caused by special needs parenting is smart.

The only real resolutions I've made are small and do-able:

  1. write one poem
  2. write one short story
  3. publish one piece

Because I miss writing.  I'm happy with my creative outlets of blogging and photography.  I wish I had more time in which to expand on these hobbies, or maybe just time to indulge in them without feeling panicked and rushed and distracted.  But alas, this is not my season.

I'm also sorely lacking in the reading department.  It's shameful!  I must read Kristin Lavransdatter because I haven't, and that is a crime against nature.  If I can just accomplish that, along with whatever reading a spiritual director will assign, I'll feel satisfied.

So that's me in 2016.  Do you set resolutions or briefly entertain the idea of setting them?  How do you go about finding a spiritual director ('cause it's entirely new territory to me)?


  1. I had never considered doing resolutions, or any new year goals,until social media hit. Goodreads got me first with their "Reading Challenge". Then it seemed like everyone was getting a "word" for the year-well, this year is the year that i jumped in with that one. LEARN. (That's my word...I'm not yelling at you ☺ ) i may never become a make-a-list resolution maker, but these 2 things seem inspirational enough to me to be worth the time. On another note, i hear you about the desire for rest. Well pray this is the year it happens for you.

    1. I never made lists! My idea or resolutions before social media was to say, "I'm never eating bad food again . . . tomorrow!" And keep moving the starting day forward until I got real with myself. :P

      I wonder who started the word thing?

    2. Kinda sounds like St Augustine... "Make me chaste... but not yet!" (Not an exact quote but I'm too lazy to google it)... so I would say, you're on a good path! :) And that's a good question about the "word"... I wonder, could one even google that sort of thing?


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