Thursday, 19 November 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Advent. . .

Gosh, it's dark these days.   But I read a really good article about how Scandinavian folks don't dread--but actually look forward to--winter!  I think it's pretty good advice to take on.  Cheery hearths aren't really a possibility, but candles and hot drinks are my best friends no matter the weather.

Oh, and now is around the time I start playing my Scandinavian mood music (Amazon affiliate), which you can listen to for free here.

I'm thinking about personal Advent devotions, pulling back from social media, and hand-making the few Christmas presents I'm committing to this year.

There is this Waiting in the Word mother's journal, but I feel like veering away from the mommy crowd, maybe doing a daily Kathleen Norris instead.  I do admit, though, I like the easy set-up with the companion journal.  Makes things simpler for me, more organized, and therefore less easy to forget or slack off on.

Since our things are in storage, it's the perfect chance to supplement with natural, affordable "decorations."  In particular, I'm enamored of this hanging Advent wreath, and this crochet tree skirt is just my style: white and red?  Check.  Star-like Scandinavian symbol?  Check.  Crochet not knit?  Check.

I really like this Christmas tree, but I don't think we should spend so much money on it.  I'd love a real one, but we have no way of hauling it home.  Which is just as well, because we'll be moving in mid-December to our new accommodation anyway!  Hurray!


  1. Ooooh I am excited to read that article. I do like winter but every year the darkness seems to weigh on me more.

    Re: advent calendars, check out this post: Two cheap calendars from the Bodleian Library! One features books! One features the art of Tolkien! (This site is awesome but will make your to-be-read pile explode.)


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