Friday, 1 May 2015

7QT: in which I Review the Netflix

1 // Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I liked it, not least because the opening song has become my battle cry; I'm okay with anything by Tina Fey.  And I don't know whether I'm just extra sensitive right now or if I blocked it out from 30 Rock, but the dirty jokes irked me more than usual.  Not that I'm complaining about my oh-so-sensitive, delicate, Catholic sensibilities (cause I'm all about Game of Thrones right now, so. . .).

2 // Garfunkel and Oats

I thought hey, why not, comedy with women, and Netflix gives it four stars based on my taste.

No.  I curse my stubbornness for watching the entire episode to the end; I can never get those twenty minutes of my life back.

3 // They Came Together

. . . has Amy Poeler and all the right people in it.  It's a clever parody on the romantic comedy.  I sort of hate romantic comedies.  So I enjoyed this.  But I'm really disappointed, once again, that the dirty jokes insisted on stepping all over the genuinely funny parts.  There's a scene with the grandmother that is just bottom-line offensive.  I probably wouldn't have watched it knowing about it going in.

4 // How to Train Your Dragon 2

Vikings + dragons.  Your argument is invalid.

Okay, I'll say a bit more.  I really enjoyed the first one, so thought the second one may fall short of the mark.  It didn't.

5 // Arrested Development

I'm watching this for the second time through.  It's just as funny as the first time.

6 // God's Not Dead

You know, it's one of those ones you have to watch.  There were parts of it that were done quite well and parts of it that were a bit heavy-handed.  My experience watching it was torn between "this is really well done, professional, and not preachy at all" and "this is a surefire way to kill evangelization before it even starts."  I dunno.  What did ya'll think?

7 // The Secret of Kells

One of my favorite movies.  Ever.  {Kendra} gave this one a thumbs up for beauty and a thumbs down for a distinct lack of Christianity, despite its subject.  I disagree with her!  And I'm working on a (friendly) rebuttal.  I'd actually love to write something a little more formal and submit it to Kathryn's {Love among the Ruins}.  So.  We'll see.


What have been streaming on the Netflix recently?  Have any recommendations per my peculiar and highly particular taste?

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  1. I've been watching Switched and Birth and I'm a huge fan!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  2. Seth and Yarrow watched the Kells movie...I think his initial reaction was similar to Kendra's but sort of shifted as he thought about it...I'd love a review by you!!..Or rather, he would, I slept through it, so I really should actually watch it first! ;)

    1. I was the same! It ended, and i was like, "It's done already? That was it!" And then I let it ferment, and at the end of the day, was like, "OMG, this movie was GREAT!"


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