Friday, 20 November 2015

Pretty Pictures

My blog is not pretty because I want my life to look perfect.  My blog is pretty because I like a pretty blog.

That's it.

I'm an artist-y type, and I like things to be pretty.  It gives me joy and a great deal of pleasure for things of mine to be attractive, and to surround myself with attractive things.  You can imagine that that's difficult with an autistic child and limited means.

So when I have a little place on the internet that I can decorate just so, which is not limited by finances or physical space, I will strive for (subjective) perfection.  That's a personality quirk of mine; it's nice at times but mostly it's just a nuisance.  You don't want to be perfectionist-me, trust me.  I'm sure it's grating, and a total first-world problem, but there it is.

Still, I don't want people to get the wrong idea.  I'm not trying to present a false picture of myself, even though every internet presence is, to some extent, curated.  It's unavoidable.  I just want to let it be known that in my case, I'm not trying to be pretentious; I'm not trying to impress; I'm not faking it.

I just like pretty pictures.


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