Friday, 19 June 2015

7 Quick Takes

-- one --

As of today, it is Afon's third day of school, and I'm not entirely sure he's hated every minute of it.  But I do have to tell you, the break is nice.

-- two --

We were shopping late at Walgreens the other night, and guess what came on the radio?  That 90's song "Peaches" by The Presidents of the United States of America, followed by Florence and the Machine's "Dog Days."  It was, like, zen, ya'll.

Young folks, take a listen (the video is also great, watch it to the end!):

-- three --

Been putting this baby in his Bumbo:

Someone gave it to me before he was born, which was so sweet and helpful!  He'll only put up with it for so long, but I like that I my hands are free and he's still sort of engaged with me while I'm doing other things.

He doesn't like his Moby wrap because he likes to be able to look around when I'm wearing him, and the backpack is pretty impossible for me to take on and off without help, so I'm sort of in the market for a sling.  I think he'd like it.  I don't want to spend a lot of money and then find out that it's really hot, short, or uncomfortable, though.

Any suggestions?

Or maybe someone wanting to sell a used one in good condition?

-- four --

What I've been reading lately:
1 // Still--or perhaps a more accurate word would be paused--on The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris. 
2 // Afon and I read and finished The Magician's Nephew for his bedtime story.  He mostly talked/babbled through it or fell asleep, and in retrospect, I want to read the Chronicles in original publication order, but it was good to try out a chapter book with him. 
3 // Re-reading--or rather listening to--Mary Shelley's Frankenstein podcast on my iPhone during long drives.  It's neat hearing it versus reading it; and my second time around, I'm catching on a lot more to things that I missed when the material was all brand new.  Still one of my favorites!

-- five --

I found this in my Blog Photos folder just now.  Just playin' around with PicMonkey.
That was just using the makeup features, not the nip/tuck photoshop brushes.  Really makes you think about this airbrushed "improved" versions of celebrities and models in magazines and glad for publications like {Verily} who swear off the fake in favor of real beauty.

-- six --

Game of Thrones season finale?  I thought the penultimate episode was better.  Still, eager to see what happens.  I should probably foreswear the television show in favor of the books.

Also, dissatisfied about the death of You-Know-Who.  Isn't he, like, a main character?

-- seven --

If you haven't been around in a while or are new to the blog, here's what you missed:

Joining the indomitable Kelly for {Seven Quick Takes Friday}.


  1. Ben believes "you know who" will be resurrected from the dead by one of the necromancer priests. ;)

    1. I thought about resurrection! Then he'd be the Ultimate Enemy of the White Walkers . . . maybe?

  2. I have heard so many theories on this that my head is spinning. Warging is a possibility, too! (What Bran can do with animals.)

    1. would waring work? I wondered where Ghost was that whole time. He was there to save Sam, but not ____ ??


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