Tuesday, 16 June 2015

#5Faves: Things about My Husband

I need to exercise love more in my life; who doesn't?  So in honor of Father's Day coming up, here are my five favorite things about the father of my children, my husband, for all the internet to see.  <3

1 // He has his own unique sense of humor.

It takes knowing him a while to be able to pick up on it.  It's sort of a mix between stating the obvious and stating something he knows is grossly inapplicable to the situation.  A lot of it has to do with his (almost innocent) honesty.  He'll tell it like it is, with no malice or threat, and helps people see the humor in things, even if it's only his humor.

2 // He is never unkind to our children.

He of course gets short with Afon occassionally; it would take a soulless person not to react in frustration when Afon breaks the lock on the refrigerator and throws the glass jar of grape jelly on the ground with a vengeance.  

But I'll tell you what.  I have never heard his daddy say an unkind thing about Afon or his disabilities.  In fact, he is often the one who has to put me in line when I'm feeling sorry for himself about having a child with autism.

3 // He is never unkind with me.

He never belittles me or calls me names, even jokingly.  He takes a lot of anxiety-induced criticism from me (mea culpa--I'm working on that) and doesn't feel the need to lash back.  That's a man.

4 // He has a generous heart.

He pulls more than his weight in parenting responsibilities because of {my illness}.  He forgives easily.  He is always ready to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, even past transgressors, or people who have been cruel to him in the past.

5 // He is talented.

Let me brag on him a minute.

My husband taught himself Welsh before we met.  He is not a native Welsh speaker.  He decided he wanted to know the language of the country of his birth one day and learned it in a matter of months. Now he is nearly fluent.

In a similar way, he taught himself how to play the piano, and can pick up on many other instruments besides.

He is an extremely talented illustrator, a hobby which I've been trying to encourage him to pick back up, as it is one of mine as well.  ;)  Maybe after Afon gets over the ripping-paper-to-shreds stage.

Linking up with {Call Her Happy} today for Five Favorites.
All photos in this post courtesy of {Christina Maldonado Photography}.


  1. What a beautiful post! I have an amazing husband too...where I wonder how I could've been so blessed. And what a beautiful family you have too! Stopping by from 5 Faves with Jenna! -Jess

  2. Such beautiful family pictures. Beautiful celebration of John, too! I'm completely envious of his being able to teach himself a language in months. Months! Color me impressed. :)


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