Thursday, 9 April 2015


Feeling // Flu-ish, but I believe Roan and I have colds.  We went to the doctor and he has a 99.9ยบ temperature, but his lungs sound clear.  So we are sitting the sweltering (non air-conditioned) bedroom and resting, while Grandmama plays with Afon.

Seeing // Internet shopping for "chewelry," chewing-safe jewelry for teething little ones and children with ASD.  So Afon stops eating his shoes (andeverythingelse).

Smelling // The rosemary essential oil I soak in in the tub for pain relief.  The smell alone relaxes me and eases some of the pain.  Added bonus, the oil leaves my skin feeling softsoftsoft.

Hearing // Loud cicadas and Roan's little sweet moans and soft kicking.

Tasting // Some gluten-free, dairy free comfort food, the awesome Enjoy Life! brand snickerdoodle cookies.

Watching // Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.  I can't decide if I like it or not.  It's by Tina Fey and stars the familiar actresses, and sometimes it is funny, while other times it's just vulgar.  Sometimes I'll wade through the vulgarity if the humor is good enough.  30 Rock, as I remember it, wasn't too objectionable.

I'll tell you, though, the opening song is my FAVE now, and I've adopted it as the unofficial theme song to my life.  You know, if my life had a soundtrack.  I should get on that.

Reading // {Call Her Happy}--took me too long to find Jenna, and now I never miss a post!

Loving // These druzy gems from {Wren Jewelry}.

Blogging // I'm in a constant battle with the formatting of my blog(s) due to photo sizing.  I wish there were an easier way to achieve the size I wanted without having to individually re-size each photo.  I thought I had it worked out with "original size."  In my browser, the blog template scales it down to fit the blog width without losing all the detail.  But a friend on Firefox informed me that they were loading waaaaaay too big for her.  So apologies if my photos have been eating your internet.  :/  Not cool.  I'm working on resizing so everybody wins.

Hoping // To get some more things uploaded to {the shop} as soon as I'm feeling better.

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