Friday, 10 April 2015

What Afon Wore | Lemons & Lace

shirt // {Lemons & Lace}
pants // H&M, thrifted from ThredUp
shoes // FootMates

Mischief Maker, indeed.  We wore this outfit to visit some friends Tuesday morning, and our one friends said something like, man, he's like Mr. Attitude and he just doesn't even care, he's so cool.  We get that a lot.  And yeah, it's not as cute when you live with it from day to day!

Despite MM over here, this Lemons & Lace tee has held up pretty well so far.  I'm washing it inside out to be careful, but the t-shirt is American Apparel,* so it's good quality.  Sadly the cute little L&L tag sewn onto the bottom was not sturdy enough to withstand Afon's sensory roughness.  Roan has a matching one in a scoop neck (not a v-neck, which is super cute, but.  Babies!), and his looks good but for a bit of the typical cracking of the screen print that you see on these tees.  Not Afon's though, so go figure!

I'm trying this new thing now, where instead of buying a ton of cheap clothes, I shop small for good quality, wash more often, and take better care of the clothes we have.  I'm liking it so far.  It's easier to keep up with less clothes, with the added benefit that we look pretty polished if and when we go outside of the house.  If we don't, well . . . he pretty much just runs around naked, anyway.  c;

Happy Friday!

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I was not reimbursed in any way for the review of this product.

*So glad to hear the news about {American Apparel cleaning up it's act with sexual and child exploitation in its marketing}.  Read more about it {here}!  And sign a quick thank you letter to reward decency in companies if you have a moment.

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