Friday, 13 November 2015

#7QT: Windsdays

Tuesday was warm and windy.  I brought Afon to school but got off on the wrong bus stop.  Never mind.  We had a walk with a beautiful view of bay from way up in Llysfaen.

Did you see our Martinmas?  I also finished Roan's mittens!

I feel myself turning toward winter preparations, but I'm not sure what that means.  I don't have any livestock to slaughter or grain to stow away.  But living in Wales where the seasons are felt is stimulating me to be busy before I hibernate.  This must be what animals feel!

What do you do to prepare for the deep of winter, those of you who live in cold climes?

Maybe because we jumped right out of the sauna into the season. Here are the photos from the very, very hot Halloween in Florida:

Each year, we go to the home of long-time friends of ours in town, who are innkeepers.  I only took Roan around to the trunk-or-treating at the church around the corner, and then we came back to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters.

Now skipping forward in true consumer fashion, I'm thinking . . . Christmas presents?  Probably all going to be homemade this year.  But I am the worst worst worst at keeping to a timely schedule.  Should I start now?  I guess I answered my own question.

I think list-making is order.

BUT before Christmas, in the heart of Advent, we will be moving to new accommodation!  This is all good, with a side of inconvenient, but once we are settled at a permanent address, we can apply for my immigration.  Of course, then I'll have to leave the country again. . .

We've actually been made two offers.  The person in charge of house placement interviewed John a few weeks ago and liked him so much that she wanted to give him the choice of a larger and nicer accommodation.  Though this second one is not immediately across from Morrison's (boo!), I'm withholding judgement until we see them both.

Prayers being answered, two months late, but twice as good.  So there you go.

Roan did end up having hand, foot, and mouth disease, but I can tell he's on the mend because he's sleeping much better.  Poor babe!

And those are my quick takes!

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