Thursday, 15 October 2015

October Wallpapers

What's up, guys?  So far, I've spent all of October gorging on pumpkin-flavored treats.  I'm such a cliche.  Let's just blame that on my complete and utter failure to fast.  Also, when I stress, I act out by eating poorly.  Editing wedding photos with a squirmy baby on your lap and then having your Apple adaptor stop working is frustrating but typical me.  I got them done, though!  I love them so much, I hope the bride does, as well!  I think she will.

So I went to the Apple store yesterday, and I think I might be allergic to hipsters.  I was feeling sort of anxious and uncomfortable most of the time I was there.  Afterward, I walked slowly through the mall and made a b-line toward any orange-and-black display that caught my eye.  I miss decorating for Halloween.  So I made these wallpapers to console myself.

I got most of these images free from the Creative Market.  It's a great resource to have on your radar.

Click on the images and save to your computer!

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