Sunday, 18 October 2015

Mid-October Notes

We're halfway through the month already.  Looking back at my goals and commitments at the first of the month, I wish I could say I was wrong about faltering from my spiritual and fasting goals. Well.  October is my favorite month.  The seasonal foods and celebrations are a constant temptation for me.  Even though it's Ordinary Time, the secular world is gearing up for Hallowtide and harvest, and I'm a glutton for anything flavored with pumpkin.

These pictures were from the Scarecrow Festival and the Florida Pioneer Museum last weekend.  It was a last-minute drop-by, and we stayed for a very short while because I was sure my British baby was boiling away in the sun.  The heat was suppressing.  This weekend was less hot as we browsed the Rattlesnake Festival after Saturday morning confession.

We're returning to Wales in November, and now that I've finished my photographs for September's wedding, I feel a buzzing anxiety to get back to John and Afon, even though when I get there, there won't be much for me to do.  Afon is in school full-time now.  Roan still isn't crawling.  We don't know anyone, really, and extra-curricular activities and community ties are approximately zero.

We're still in the two-bedroom, second-story apartment without minimal household items--the majority of my things are still packed away, and I'm not sure when we will be able to ship them over.  But when I have them, I know I will finally be able to feel like I'm home.  It's not that things, per se, make me happy--but that my things, having something of my own, something to call mine, and a way to personalize my environment, mark my territory so to speak--is what I'm really looking forward to after nearly two years of feeling vagrant.

How is your month turning out?

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