Friday, 17 July 2015

7 Quick Takes

-- one --

This little guy is six months old!  Half a year ago we met face to face for the first time.  Read about {Roan's birth story} here.

-- two --

We finished {The Sword in the Stone} and I'm so annoyed that there's no equivalent audio for the other books in our library system.  The voice actor who read it was marvelous, I'll try to find who it was.  But reading it for the second time, the character faults and strengths start out from the proverbial page, and the tragedy of King Arthur is making sense more than it ever has.

Now we're listening to {Princess Academy} by Shannon Hale.  I like it, even though it was slow-going getting into it.

-- three --

My mother is helping to take care of my nephews, so I've got both boys in bed with me this week.  Usually, Afon sleeps with her so that I can get up throughout the night with the baby without the one disturbing the other.  So I've been putting Afon to sleep in a separate bed and going to sleep with Roan in another; but the little man sneaks into bed with us each night without fail.

-- four --

I jumped on ordering {Chatbooks} before the monthly subscription price went up permanently.  It's $6 per 60 photo volume, and you are able to exclude photos in order to curate your Instagram feed collection or make an entirely different themed album.

One of my volumes got shipped out before I had a chance to look at it, and I was annoyed that reposted grams of other folks were included in my private collection, so I emailed, and wow!  Prompt and friendly customer service!  I am very pleased.

And the books are beautiful and so well made.  Since I don't have time for scrapbooking these days, I really appreciate the collection of glimpses into my life as something I can hold and share.  It's worth skimming off the extra $6 per month to invest in these.

Use the code above to get your first book free!


-- five --

I need a new pair of shoes.  I'm down to two pairs: these string sandals that have lasted many a year and the recent Walmart purchase.  I could just go back to Walmart and buy a new pair, or a different one, but I'd rather put down a little more money and get some use out of them.
What do you guys recommend?  Something comfy but cute, and maybe that can be transitioned from daily mom chores to Sunday service.  What's in?  What do you have?

-- six --

Jim Gaffigan has a television show . . . your argument is invalid.

Watch the first two episodes on Hulu before it leaves!  Then come back here, and let's gush about how awesome it is.

-- seven --

On the blog this week:

Linking up with Kelly for {Seven Quick Takes}.

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