Monday, 13 July 2015

Liturgical Lifestyle | Saint Benedict's Day

tabernacle // Benedict in the monastery shadows of Saint Leo Abbey  // his alter incensed for his special day // scholar  // Corpus Christi // saint

Saint Benedict was a scholar; his twin, Scholastica, founded the sister order to his own.  I want to believe she gives her name to the very word.  Benedict's rule was revolutionary at the time, though it has since grown familiar--the ideal of monasticism, what even the un-baptized and un-churched think of when they hear "monk."

I've not spent very much time connecting with Saint Benedict, and that is a shame, because it must be his order I am thinking of when I strive for {the cyclical rhythms of a domestic monastery}.  And medieval saints are my favorite.

Saturday was his feast, so Afon and I paid a brief visit to the Eucharist in his honor.  We found his altar lit and hung with incense, paradoxically light and heavy with the kind of contemplation that is only driven from deliberate and carefully crafted monotony.

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