Friday, 22 May 2015

7 Quick Takes

-- one --

Blogging has been sparse lately because everything has descended and squeezed into the past couple'a twenty-four hours!  My husband flew in from Wales last Thursday evening; my childhood best friend arrived on Saturday; and I fit in a visit with a distant friend from New Hampshire.  And lots of other things in between, including naps.  :3

(I was treated to a pedicure as an early birthday present!)

We want to try to spend time together as a family while my husband is still here, so I don't know how frequently I'll be able to post.

-- two --

The URL for this blog is changing from to!  Because it just makes more sense!

-- three --

So . . . the Mad Men finale exceeded above and beyond all expectations, amIright?  I am.  Can't wait to read {Christy's} and {Kathryn's} thoughts on it.  Or feel free to chit chat about it with me in the comments!

-- four --

The past two weeks, on Everything to Someone:

Check them out if you missed them!

-- five --

Before Mother's Day (gosh, where does the time go?) I went ahead and cannon bombed into the rebrand of my modest photography business.  When I spontaneously decided to open a {Facebook page} for it, I just asked the nearest person what I should call it.  Who happened to be my father.  But I didn't really get a chance to contemplate on what I wanted to do with my photography, what style I was aiming for, and my philosophy of art.

Around the time of opening my {Etsy shop}, one of the discarded names really captured my imagination, and so I worked it out so that I would incorporate it as a different brand:

Crown & Bough Photography!

I'm sssssuper happy with it; and a new business name calls for {a new website}.  Check it out for all the pretties!

-- six --


  • Winnie-the-Pooh with my four-year-old.  It gets better every time you read it!
  • Got a few more pages read in The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris.

-- seven --

We had Afon's IEP (individualized education program) meeting at the school he will be attending in the fall.  It's so exciting!  They even have a special needs bus that will pick him up and drop him off.  August 24th can't come soon enough!

Joining Kelly at {This Ain't the Lyceum} for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

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