Thursday, 23 April 2015

What Afon Wore | Crewcuts

nautical top // Crewcuts, gifted
pants // H&M, thrifted from ThredUp
shoes // FootMates

He's got his dad's loooong torso.  So does Roan, for that matter.  It's hard to find things to put them in that don't make them look a little stumpy.

That hair is getting long again!  But I don't want to cut it; I'm afraid that's the last of the flaxen blond, and I'm in no hurry to chop it off.

We wore this outfit to Mass and were very well-behaved at the children's liturgy.

And while we're here, might as well do {What I Wore Sunday} too!

top // Lane Bryant, old
skirt // Noa Noa, old
shoes // ???, old

And little Roan is hand-me-down Koala Baby overalls and Faded Glory sandals.

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