Tuesday, 21 April 2015

#5Faves: Mother's Day Gifts

Says the girl who wrote a post {wondering if it's a good idea to celebrate Mother's Day}.

I've just grown more sensitive these past years to women who aren't mothers--or aren't even married-- and want to be.  It can be kind of hurtful to them to tout out all the women who were able to spontaneously produce a child through no gift of their own!  On the other hand, it's silly to include all women in a day that celebrates mothers.  That would negate the whole point of calling it "Mother's Day," right?

But since I like categories, and making lists, and making lists of categories, I'll just share my little ideas about what I think are cool gifts for Mother's Day--for people who observe it--or even people who don't.  And though there are kid elements to all of these gifts, they by no means are limited only to ladies who harbor tiny humans.

So here are my five favorite gift ideas for M-Day.  Oh, what would you do without me?  ;)

1 // {Sonnet James} mommy play dress

Breast-feeding friendly, well-made, flattering dresses that can transition from the playground to the dinner date.  I heart it!

2 // {Call Her Happy} mini embroidered necklace

So sweet; Jenna's rosette designs could go old-fashioned tea-and-biscuit or #vintageglam.  Choices!  Okay, so I just want one. . .

3 // Canon Beginner Kids Package from {Borrow Lenses}

Not sure if you're ready to commit to an expensive DSLR?  Want some snaps of the children or pets but don't want to pay for a professional?  Here ya go.

4 // a child-proof necklace

Child-proof jewelry.  I love all of these, and the top two aren't even advertised as nursing necklaces!  From {here} and {here}, respectively.  Gosh, these make me miss crocheting!

5 // Jamberry nail wraps

I've not tried them yet, but I dabbled in nail wraps about two years ago and really liked them!

Hallowe'en nails!

So much fun!  Supposedly, they're supposed to last quite a while.  They can be done at home; and they're less expensive than a trip to the salon.

Has anyone out there tried Jamberry?  How did you find them?

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  1. I love Jamberry! I have very curvy nails so I have to cut little slits in the sides so that they don't pucker. Also there is definitely a learning curve to applying them. But they are so much fun. :) All my friends are having parties recently which gives me a good excuse to buy them. ;)

  2. Oh, the childproof necklaces have my name on them. My little one has broken two necklaces in his eight months (and those were survivors of my first three kids). He's obviously in need of something designed especially for babies like him.

    1. If he's especially rough, I'd go for that third one: nothing delicate or beaded. ;)

  3. Great list!! I have never seen those dresses before, but now that I have...I think I want one! Thanks for sharing!

    1. They're a bit on the pricey side; but I've been in the attitude lately that I'd rather buy fewer things that are better made than many things that aren't!


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