Saturday, 4 April 2015

tl;dr March

Linking up with {Call Her Happy} on these twilight hours between Lent and Easter.  This is a great idea, and really grounding for me to stop and look over what I've written and where I've been over the past month before diving into the next.  I've got tons of ideas for spring, but I'll save my someday-maybe topic list for another day.

Here is what you've missed around the blog if you haven't been here in a while:

Plus tons more daily stuff on the Instagram, so follow me at GreenInkling or check out the Insta feed on the right.

Last but not least, I opened an Etsy shop selling some of my fine art photography prints on greeting cards, so they're ready for framing or to mail to a friend.  Visit the {Fine Print Shoppe} and consider supporting my small family or stick around for an Easter Week giveaway.

Thanks for journeying with me through March!

1 comment:

  1. Arthurian literature is my jam. I took a class from an expert when I was in undergrad. Your cards look beautiful!


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