Sunday, 5 April 2015

14/52 // Pascha

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Afon:  in his Easter best.  He threw four eggs in defiance and was soundly scolded, then had his chocolate taken away.  He was so dejected that I reneged on the chocolate ban.  At which he promptly threw a fifth egg.

Roan:  from Palm Sunday, a week ago; with the windows open, it was damp and a little chilly.  I obviously like to prop him up on the rocking chair in the morning.

We made it in time for Easter Mass this morning and had a pew seat in the crowded church!  The effort wore me out, so while the rest of the family took Afon to visit some friends in Orlando and swim at their pool, Roan and I stayed home and napped.  We had a lot of invitations today, but I've committed to pace myself.  The concept of the {spoonie} is true to form in this context.  I really do have to measure how much I can give and what I will do with it from day to day.  I find that even though I don't like to turn down invitations and miss out on gatherings, I'm calmer and therefore happier when I am more rested.

Easter Mass was beautiful; the priest and deacon wore vestments decorated with angels adoring the Host, spun in gold thread.  Tall lilies framed the altar, and the incense took our prayers in clouds high up to the ceiling.  Roan was docile and smiling, talking to angels of his own, and soothing himself into a sweet sleep.

After Mass, I hid Easter eggs in the garden and helped Afon find them.  He cooperated with minimal enthusiasm, but I wanted to introduce the concept to him for next year.  Now I am eating GF, dairy-free chocolate chip cookies, following the paschal festivities on Instagram, and binge watching The Big Bang Theory.

He is risen!  Alleluia!

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  1. you are gaining a new stride already, so glad.


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