Sunday, 26 April 2015

Christie-made: Easy Personalized Notebooks

There's so much you can do with a simple white gel pen.  I used to use them all the time to highlight my doodles and illustrations, even sketches.  (You can make even the shoddiest sketch a hair closer to  Michelangelo by adding white highlights on stained coffee paper.)

I want to show you how I make a sweet, folksy wreathed illustration on a kraft paper notebook.  It's so easy and so pretty!

These make lovely, fresh gifts, too.

What You'll Need

You may also use a ruler if you don't have a steady hand or to keep your writing from going wobbly.

I used Moleskin journals, but search around in the dollar or craft store if you need something more friendly for your budget.  Black or any solid colored, matte covered notebooks would work, too.  Just as long at the white gel ink will sink in and show up.

How To

Using a cup from your kitchen, trace around the rim (or bottom) using the pen or pencil.  Add tiny leaves going around the circle.

My wreathes are kind of big; the great thing about it is that you can switch out any size cup or lid or circular object for the size circle/wreath you want.

This is the part where I use my pencil, and maybe even a ruler to write the word "notes" inside the wreath.  You can write "notes," or "to-do," or "love," or even your name.  If you're worried about not having cutesy handwriting, make neat lettering in pencil first.  You can see what it looks like and adjust if necessary.

A variation on the popular wreath with easy handwriting.
Ink over the letters (and the wreath if you drew it first in pencil).  Be careful to let it dry!  If the white gel ink smudges, it'll ruin your pretty drawing!  After it does, go over and erase the visible pencil lines.

So fun, right?

So try it out and share your personalizations and variations!  Or, if you're not the craftsy type, these little notebooks are going to be available soon in my shop.  I'm also happy to make something a little more complex just for you!

Happy Monday!

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