Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Saint Patrick's Day Tea

This was {originally posted} on March 20, 2013.

We are legit Irish around here.  My husband's mother was born and raised in Cork, and if you don't believe it, look for two seconds at a picture of my son.

So, as decent Americans and the Irish-descended, we have to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, even if it's a day or two late.

Our friends joined us today for some hot tea, Irish soda bread, fruit, little sandwiches, and fruit tarts.  But first, here's what I did to prepare.

We made some easy lucky five-leaf clovers with green, washable finger paint and card-stock.  I embellished it with a teal marker and put it in a gold spray-painted document frame.

Both of the images in the above photos came from {Sole Searching Mama}.  I had good intentions of putting a prayer on back of the Saint Patrick icons to make them into a kind of prayer card, even high hopes of covering them in laminating people, but those plans all fell through when I ran out of time on my parents' printer.  And I wasn't up for reproducing one of Saint Paddy's long prayers by hand.

For the word art, I printed them out on card-stock I already had and trimmed them with my Michael's-bought paper-cutter.  Then I punched holes in them and strung silver ribbons left over from my wedding, of all things.  One of them, though, I kept and framed like {Susan did}.

(Read about "free lensing" {here}.)

. . . And that's it!  What, you thought I made all that food?  Pre-prepared spreads, breads, and pastries equals less stress and more fun, at least for this busy lady.  Oh!  I did boil water for tea. . .

Someone was a complete ham the whole time.  Not naming any names.

These girls (the same that were--all three of them!--bridesmaids in my wedding) always bring me a beautiful bouquet of hand-picked wildflowers.  I love-love-love little unexpected gifts, and I love-love-love flowers.  These flowers actually smelled like pomegranates!  I feel a bit frustrated at times because my thanks can never express just how much I appreciate the wildflowers.  Well, I hope they can feel my sincerity, anyway.

A text from their mom a couple.days ago read, "I have to tell you this, our journal topic today is . . . Write about a woman you know whose inner beauty shines outwardly.  They both chose you!"

What better motivation to goodness than this?  Girls, I will try to make you proud every day and be a woman worth emulating.

Hope your Saint Paddy's day was likewise sweet!  That's it for Saint Patrick's Day and Saint Joseph's Day.  Now back to our regularly programmed fast.

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