Thursday, 5 March 2015

#BISsisterhood // Sacrifice

This Lent, as always, has a mind of its own.  I didn't make any set plans, to be honest, because of where I am right now in the season of my life . . . an autumn season, a fading time, a time of rest and reflection.  I've been ill all my life, but didn't know it, because it was my normal.  Now, however, it's become impossible to ignore.

I'm forced to be still, to let go, and to readjust my expectations.  To sacrifice, even.  To put those dreams and wishes--maybe for a time, maybe forever--on the altar, with the fruits of me-ness that I've held onto too long and that have caused me untoward stress when I just can't.

It's appropriate that sacrifice is being imposed, rather than chosen.  That's the thing about Lent.  It comes whether you're ready for it or not.  Change and grace are swift but irresistible, like a tsunami.  And I'm sort of grateful.  Because, in my human weakness, I might not otherwise sacrifice those wishes.

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  1. God is with us in all things; Lent indeed is for our good and blessing. God be with you.


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