Wednesday, 18 March 2015

5 Favorites: Catholic Creatives

Surprise, surprise!  This is a huge interest of mine.  If I'm not drowning in my own imagination, I'm shooting and editing photos, doodling, {blogging about fairy tales}, crocheting, planning that novel that's taking me twenty years to finish, or writing the occasional poem.  It can be kind of lonely for a straight-laced Catholic girl, though, when she braves the last frontier of the inter-webs to find her kind.  So it's really nice to find like-minded and like-souled people out there.  Whether it be for art, photography, or digital designs, these creatives kick it and are real Catholics, too.  I love it!

I found all of these girls on Instagram.  Thanks, {Blessed Is She}!  Images belong to their respective shops/creatives.  And visit {Melody} this week for more Five Favorites!

1 // {elleizahbeth}

Inspirational calligraphy and prints, but my favorite thing in her shop are these feathers.  Very midwestern and trendy.  I love the texture that is so visible on them.

GiedrÄ— was at the recent Catholic Women Blogging conference in Indiana, so you might already know her.  Wish I was there!

Check out the Modern Modesty Project, a styled shoot that captures young women so that their true beauty--their souls--shines through!

Jiza is just launching her rebrand and soon to open her creative print shops at the end of March!

5 // {Be A Heart}

I would be amiss not to mention Erica, who diligently provides fresh wallpapers for lap tops and cell phones to those who subscribe to Blessed Is She.  Not surprising, since she gave the tranquil, deep lavender look to the BIS online presence!

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