Thursday, 12 February 2015

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5 Things I Bought for that Second Baby

Mommy post ahead!  Sorry!

I'm laid back when it comes to making plans.  Even if money did allow, I would not have gone all out and bought an entire new baby trousseau for the second-born.  I kept most of the things from Afon's infancy.  There was no need for a baby shower, and we didn't know the sex, so a "baby sprinkle" for a possible girl wasn't really practical.

About a month before D-day, I went out and bought a handful of things, and didn't worry about anything else until after Roan was here.

These are the five things I bought in preparation for my second baby.  And yes, I really do think this is all you really need the second time around.

1 // Desitin

I've heard Boudreaux Butt Paste making the circulation in the blogosphere, but with Afon it was largely ineffective, and I hated the smell.  My mother said, "Forget that stuff, all you need is good old-fashioned Desitin," and she was right.  Immediate improvement followed.  It's so good I wanted it on-hand as soon as baby #2 arrived.

2 // Diapers

I bought Pampers because they were on clearance at Babies 'R' Us, and in size 1 because you can never be sure how big your baby will be, or how fast he or she will grow out of the newborn sizes you smuggle bring home from the hospital.

3 // Shirts

These are all a newborn really needs in the way of clothes, except for maybe a hat.  Afon's ratty old shirts and onesies were thrown away, so I bought one package of Koala Baby shirts to supplement the outfits that survived numero uno intact.

4 // Lanolin

Because you don't want to be caught with new nursing nipple pain without this!  I've always used Lansinoh, so there you have it.

5 // Nursing pads

A box of disposables for that first week or so of recovery and then some washable ones to save on waste and money.  I don't care for organic particularly, these were just the most affordable ones at the store.

I also bought one more thing: pacifiers.  But not everyone chooses to use those for baby, and the only reason I didn't have those from last time is that Afon was so fond of them, he lost them constantly.  To this day, he tries to steal his brother's from right out of his mouth.  A diaper bag (or some sort of large bag or purse) helps for going out with baby, but is not necessary.  [Spoiler: After I complained about not having one a week ago, a sweet friend splurged and bought me a super cute one for a baby gift!]

I've felt much better this week, due to either prayers, or eating gluten-free, or both.  So thank you!  And here are some pictures from the baptism, for the heck of it:

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  1. your sons are beautiful and your oldest so handsome now! God bless you! so happy that your son is baptised!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! God bless you, too!

  2. Such beautiful pictures! I'm due in less than a week... maybe I should think about non-disposable nursing pads too?

    1. They're more absorbent, I think, but don't have the plastic backs that some disposable nursing pads have. Worth a try!

  3. Beautiful pictures! And oh my goodness, that picture of Afon. He is quite a handsome young man with those show-stopping eyes. :)

    1. Thanks! He's got fans I don't even know about. Seriously, I just hope I can keep him to myself until his preteens!


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