Friday, 4 December 2015

Liturgical Lifestyle | TMI Advent

1 // an Advent calendar (not made by me and not currently in use)
2 + 3 // DIY wreath/crown of greenery
4 // simple lights
5 // winter wreath from Aldi, with pine cone missing
6 + 7 // the Advent imp
8 + 9 // adapted Advent wreath

In the first week of Advent, we have:

I didn't have plans other than doing the Advent wreath, and even then I didn't have an Advent wreath here, and couldn't find an affordable one on Amazon, Etsy, or available for purchase from our local parish (how I got our original one--a robust and gilded thing, so pretty!).

Lighting the Advent wreath was an important part of prepping for the Christmas season in my childhood; even with all the in-fighting about who would do the readings, who would light the candles, who would blow them out, and who would choose which carol to sing afterwards, I can't imagine not carrying on the beloved tradition in my own family.  Memories of family melt-downs for years to come--you're welcome, boys.

So far, we've kept up with it two nights out of five.

The week of Thanksgiving, I ordered candle clips and candles, waited around, got tired of waiting, bought a pine wreath and put it on the table with a large pillar candle in the middle for an improvised Advent wreath, made a lazy version of this, and finally added the candle clips when they arrived in the mail today from Estonia (neat!).  Will possibly make a second, thicker wreath for the candles and clips, maybe.  I'd like to know where I can buy some grapevine around here (or steal it?).

This is the third year since I've heard of the St. Andrew novena, first year attempting to pray it.  Forgot it last night.

Next week, we might try:

  • Saint Nicholas Day
  • the Advent wreath with more regularity
  • adding some carols
  • reading a Christmas book or two
  • doing something nice (first thing that comes to mind is visiting a retired person's home, hmmm, not sure how that'd work out with Afon)
  • putting together little thank you gifts for Afon's helpers and social workers
  • mailing Christmas cards

My expectation of accomplishing any of these things?  I'm keeping it low and happy at around 10%!

I really enjoy seeing how others "prepare the way of the Lord" in Advent.  Each family's tradition is different, and whether I'm rearing to adapt customs as my own or am satisfied to enjoy it from the sidelines, I want to see your Advent, too!  Really!

Belatedly linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter.


  1. Your imp is simply adorable, and your wreath is lovely in its simplicity!
    I have never visited your blog before, but i am glad to have found it.

    Advent blessings to you and yours~

  2. Dear Christie, what a beautiful beautiful wreath you made! May I ask why you used white candles instead of purple ones I see on other Catholic blogs? I like your version much better, if I may humbly say so!

    1. Hi Katarina! To be honest, I bought these little white candles merely because they fit in the candle clips. They should be purple and pink. Aesthetically, I prefer white candles, but if they made them in purple and pink, I would use those to be accurate liturgically. Non-Catholics use white candles, or red ones, I believe (my mom grew up Methodist). Hope this helps! :)


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