Monday, 30 November 2015

Your Face Should Be on a Christmas Card

In years past I've meticulously coordinated an outfit for Afon, selected a location, and taken dozens of  pictures of him until I was satisfied I'd something "fit" for a Christmas card.

Last year I didn't even send out cards.

This year I'm hoping to land somewhere in-between.  I had some matching-but-not-too-matching clothes in mind for Afon and Roan, and even something for me if, wonder of wonders, we were able to get someone to take a picture with all of us in it!  But the weather has been absolutely dreadful, with rain and wind I've not seen this side of a hurricane.  So when the boys were dressed for church yesterday, I hustled them outside and into the back garden to snap some pictures.  We only missed the bus and were  horrendously late for Mass.

Eh.  Good enough.

And with a little magic in Picmonkey, not bad, I say.

I'd print this out on card stock myself and save a kenning, but our printer is rubbish.  And there's always TinyPrints.

I don't send out a lot of personalized cards, as they are liable to be thrown away, but I always try to get some printed for the immediate family as keepsakes.  And I send tidings of joy with pretty, inexpensive or homemade cards to the rest of the gang.

Do you do family photos at Christmastime?  Do you bother sending them with cards?

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