Thursday, 8 October 2015

Poe Halloween Printable

Halloween isn't just a kids' holiday.  Think about a grown-up party themed on Edgar Alan Poe, or even just "The Raven"--there's plenty of material there for a spooky, sophisticated gathering.  Using this print-out as your starting point, think of all the creepy creativity you could conjure!

I'm gonna be honest here, I'm jealous of you guys with a permanent residence that you can deck out in crystal balls, spider webs, and velvet pillows to get the gothic library effect.  So if it strikes your fancy, please use this and show me how you incorporate it into your Halloween decor!

Here's an alternative version:

And these would work great for invitations:

Pottery Barn's sold stuffed crows the past few seasons, but they're nothing special, and I bet you could find some just as good at a craft store or thrift shop.

(The printable will fit in a document frame; otherwise, use a paper cutter to trim the edges off to fit a picture frame.)

What kind of Halloween parties and decorations do you indulge this time of year?


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