Thursday, 10 September 2015

What Roan Wore | Second-hand and Home-made

sweater // bespoke, hand-me-down
t-shirt // Next, hand-me-down
jeans // Old Navy, thrifted
socks // Peacock's

That sweater was made by our friend Caitlin for Afon when he was a baby.  It's gotten so much use and held up amazingly.  The t-shirt is a hand-me-down from Roan's little cousin James.  The Old Navy jeans were thrifted.  They came with tag, but frequent use (or my hard handling) has caused the mostly-for-show button to pop off.  The socks are the only new items of clothing in the entire outfit!  (You can't see them, but they have little grippy stars on the soles.)

Roan is a great big baby, at almost eight months, and he still can't crawl!  He prefers to lie on the big queen-size bed and have people entertain him or (I know, horrible!) watch Netflix.  He fusses almost immediately when you put him down and walk away.  John jokes that the bed is where Roan lives.  Because despite being uninterested in mobility, he is apt to roll off any shallow surface, like a couch or chair.  Now that big brother Afon is in school, I'll feel better about letting him loose on the floor.

He likes to rapidly open and close his palms, almost as if he were making the sign for "milk."  The use of his hands delights him, which in turn delights me because Afon didn't go through that stage.  He likes to grab my face and bite it!  His "speech" is developing into the funniest little noises ("p-p-p-p, puh, puh, b-b-b-b"), and he talks long and loud when everyone else is chatting around him.

Roan is drooling like a broken faucet again, so I expect a second tooth any day now!  Oh, but I do miss the sleep at night!

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