Monday, 14 September 2015


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Roan:  in his bath.  He still can't sit up properly, and I'm too nervous to get in with him because then we are both wet and slippery.  So I just lie him down in the warm suds, and he is such a good little fellow!

Afon:  he found something to chew on his shirt waiting at the bus top.  I like that shirt.  I do hope it lasts.

This past week feels like it has been rough, but honestly, everything is relative.  It's just that when I come down with a cold, I come down hard.  I feel pretty bad and that makes me stay in bed, which means the house gets out of order and I don't get fresh air and my mood plummets.  Also, Roan has caught my cold, and he has slept very poorly the past few nights.  He wants to sleep on top of me now like when he was a newborn, but he is much heavier.  Yesterday I woke up with the bones of my back moaning and my head pounding.

We turned it around with a pleasant visit with the grandparents, auntie, and cousin (pictures later in the week, I hope), and Afon has done remarkably well transitioning to school.  This morning, I am not too groggy or in pain.  Roan is sleeping off his cold, so I'm virtually weightless!  I've got the window open in the back room and am sitting with the lap top on the ledge and a cup of coffee and am feeling renewed in the fresh, cold Welsh morning.

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