Saturday, 1 August 2015

Liturgical Lifestyle | July

The dog days are upon us, and they are stormy, as Saint Swithin would have it.  This bishop of Winchester died July 2nd, but in the Anglican Church his feast is celebrated on July 15th.  It rained on both days.

St. Swithin's day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St. Swithin's day if thou be fair
For forty days ‘twill rain nae mair.

There was no hope for us.

It's meant a lot of slow, careful driving to and from school in the downpour, dashing into the store under lead-weight raindrops, and only just getting out to the pool in time to pack up and leave again.  Thanks, Saint Swithin.  You're the best.  ;)

Indpendence Day was rained out, but Afon had a lot of fun jumping on the trampoline (and maybe I did too, shhhh), and then we went to Sonic and continued to be in the rain while Afon lolled around on the concrete.

Saint Benedict's Day was the 11th, and since the Benedictines are our resident monks, we were able to visit the abbey to offer a little prayer.

July 13th was Saint Mildred's memorial, and this book on the {Life of St. Mildred} is free and fun to read.  Just right for little mouthfuls of rainy summer afternoon reading.  I'm bookmarking it as one of my future favorites.

Roan also turned six months old on the 14th!  I love having a January baby.

The rest of the season was stuffed with saints' days, but we had our hands full with baptisms, aunty visits, summer plans, and a stomach bug.

Early August is a time of penance in preparation for Mary's Assumption, but we've no plans to fast this year.  What do you and your family usually do to observe this solemnity?

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