Sunday, 9 August 2015


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Afon:  He loves the water, like a labrador retriever (or maybe just an Aspie kid).

Roan:  Roan looking perky at the seashore in his {Whole Parenting Goods} cap.

I can't even begin to understand my kinship with the sea.  I was born in Panama City, Florida, and we made yearly pilgrimages to Pensacola and the sweet, blue Gulf of Mexico.  But I've talked before about the mineral, primordial sea of the British isles and Ireland, and how it calls to me in an especial and mysterious way.  Then it catches me off guard, that they are in fact the same sea.

I'm full of thoughts like these of late, and {this film} has only fanned the flames of inspiration.  I am in love.  If you enjoyed {The Secret of Kells}, you will adore {The Song of the Sea}.  It's more child-freindly, as the threat of death is knocked down a few notches into a "mere" threat of being turned to stone.  It's very reminiscent of a Miyazaki film in that there is no real villain.  I honestly can't tell you which one I like better; they are both sublime.

These lines from Yeats make up the opening monologue of the film.
I'll have to write a full review later, probably for {Spinning Straw into Gold}, but I'll let you know when I do.


  1. Lou and I both loved Song of the Sea. Kinda wish I'd seen it in the theater--except for the part where I cried quite a lot at the end. :P It's so beautiful.

    So maybe we should try and watch Secret of Kells. :)

    1. I'm curious to know if Lou notices the Christian subtext in Secret of Kells! Maybe you can not say anything and see if he comes up with it on his own. It seems people either get it right away or are frustrated because they expected it but felt let down in the end.


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