Tuesday, 7 July 2015

What Roan Wore | The Threaded Owl

bandana bib // {The Threaded Owl}
dungarees // Koala Baby, hand-me-down

I've been talking about Roan's teething/drooling for going on months now.  It's got to the point where within minutes of dressing him, he soaks the front of his outfit, and then he's soggy for the rest of the day.  Those sweet, neutral-colored cloth bibs everyone gifted me at Afon's baby shower?  Powerless in the face of Roan's epic drool.

So I did a little Etsy search.  I wanted something that snapped (no ties, Afon could tug that right off of him), was very absorbent, and held up in the wash.  Plus adorable fabric.  It's a non-negotiable.  I found these at The Threaded Owl, already made and ready to ship.  The rest is history!

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