Tuesday, 23 June 2015

3 Tips to Improve Blog Photos

I sure do like a blog that's beautiful to look at.  It won't do anything for me without the content to back it up, but if there are attractive photos, it catches my attention and makes me come back again and again.  They are the equivalent for me of putting on a nice outfit, 'cept on the internet!  So I pay attention to what elements make other bloggers' photos crisp and professional-looking.

Whether it's with your iPhone or a fancy DSLR, here are a few tips that will improve your blog (or Facebook) photos.

Find a solid wall.

Or some other background or surface that isn't busy.  White is the best, but if it's a solid color, make sure it is complimentary to the object or objects you are taking pictures of, or it can make a beautiful thing look strange and unattractive.

Go where there is lots of light.

This is one that kills me.  I hate that it's like this, but cameras, at their essence, function by the use of light.  So, as a beginner's rule, the less light, the less good the pictures.

(Without light, you have to worry about cranking up the ISO and open the aperture/make the aperture number smaller, and that is just a pain if you just want nice blog photos and aren't interested in pursuing your Master's degree in journalistic photography.)

Practically, this means you should avoid taking photos at night at all cost.  Even if you have a well-lit house or location, nothing replaces the light of good, old-fashioned sunshine.

Think minimalism.

If you're taking pictures for a blog post, unless it's just a daily catch-up with your life, it's probably about a specific thing or idea.  Isolate and hone in on that theme or idea with a minimalistic photo of it.  It clears confusion and prepares your readers for what's to come before they even read the first word!

What do you do to ensure your photos come out picture-perfect for your blog or social media?  What tips do you have for me?

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