Thursday, 7 May 2015

What Roan Wore | Whole Parenting Goods

I'm going to assume that no one is burning to know the brands of the old yellow onsie or generic bib and socks.  What we're focusing on here are the leggings: organic fabric, hand made by {Whole Parenting Goods}.

I.  Love them.

I can't praise them enough.  I bought Nell's leggings for two reasons:  (1) everyone else was doing it and (2) I sort of had to have that barn swallow fabric.  Also, and less importantly, I'd given away a lot of Afon's things and needed a few items to replenish Roan's wardrobe.  We're a little more comfortable now with Afon receiving disability, me getting some tutoring gigs here and there, and cash benefits, so I felt a splurge was in order.

But I can't even call it a splurge now because I think he wears these every other day, seriously.  They've paid off their cost and then some.  They are so sturdy and well made!  With gentle washing and air drying, these leggings are going to live forever.  The elastic band thingy does not budge, which is more than I can say for my clothing.  Oh, and they fit from zero to six months.  I'm considering buying another pair.  Nell even makes women's leggings now!

In summary: durability + handmade + beautiful fabric.  This is why I love shopping small.

I was not reimbursed in any way for the review of this product.

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  1. Going there now! Ilya needs leggings anyway..and I'm desperate for something cute. Boy clothes are so much harder to find anything decent in! Thanks!!!!! <3


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