Monday, 16 February 2015


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Afon: four years old!  At the sight of cake, he rejoiced, and with the candles, he knew just what to do.

Roan: in his Feldman Brothers infant gown, a bit shorter and less flowery than his baptismal gown.  Family heirlooms first purchased for me by my grandmother and great grandmother.  It was his "coming out" at church on Sunday.

Slow, lazy days; if I accomplish one thing, I count it a day well spent.  Afon spends time with his daddy, who is over for a three week visit, and Roan and I nap and read in the bed, occasionally wandering out for Sunday Mass or to soak up the fresh February sun in the garden.  These are sweet days.  I'm trying not to let all the to-do's distract me from them.

They're also somewhat precarious days, as I ride the highs and lows of hormones and having a new baby; as well as navigating an unknown illness.  Appointments and more appointments.  But your prayers and a gluten-free diet have kept me from experiencing very bad pain again.  Thank you!

Lent is within arm's length now, and I'm trying to pace myself.  This post by Michaela at Call Her Happy is to the point.  We had a mild birthday for Afon and an uneventful Saint Valentine's Day.  The extent of my celebrating was enjoying all the saint-and-non-saint themed things on social media.  Bless social media for that, at least, that I don't miss my liturgical feasts because I can live them via surrogacy.  I'm half-heartedly weighing the thought of doing something for Fat Tuesday tomorrow.  Maybe Haley's recipe or a mini splurge for masks and beads at the dollar store with some vino.

We'll see.  It really just depends on if I get this nap or not.

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