Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Feeling // worn out from not one, but two trips to Bangor this weekend!

Seeing // the streaks of gray rain outside the window, first real rainstorm since March!  And this past weekend, the lambs and sheep!

Smelling // rain.

Tasting // lingering baking soda from the scones from breakfast

Listening // to Afon's happy chatter as he draws.  He is a thoughtful artist and pauses occasionally to hold the pen up to his chin or in his mouth.

Reading // The Wind in the Willows, a first time for me and Afon.

Praying // for friends with difficult relatives, friends going through crises of faith.

Working // on the second chapter of the second draft of The Spinning Wheel.  And just finishing a much-loved crochet project!

Grateful // for a safe labor and delivery for a friend's third child.  Welcome, baby Alice!

Hoping // for a productive week.


  1. What a beautiful, beautiful photos, Christie!

    1. Thank you, Kate! That is nice to hear, especially as I am feeling frustrated with my photography skill lately. :P

  2. Wind in the Willows was one of my favorite books as a child, and it is probably even more magical when you live in an area with a river (which I did not).


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