Wednesday, 21 May 2014

5 Favorites: Health and Beauty Hacks

1 // Optimize your hair product.

Credit to my BFF Ashley, who wouldn't leave me alone until I stopped spraying product directly into my hair and into my hands instead.

Pump or pour a little bit of product directly into your palm (this doesn't work for hairspray or other staying products, obviously), then rub your hands together, coating both palms.  Run your hands through your hair thoroughly.  You'd be surprised how you save on product without skimping on style.  This technique gets the product into all of your hair and assures that a little bit goes everywhere, rather than a large glob that gets stuck where it's put and is hard to spread around.  You'll notice the stylist at the salon does this as well.

2 // Use hair conditioner to shave your legs (or beards, gentlemen!).

Shaving cream is expensive and not very economical.  This trick saves me packing space as well.  I've never had a cut while using conditioner to shave my legs, and your legs are soft and moisturized afterward!

3 // Get creative with deodorant.

I noticed anti-chafing product at the store in the same containers in which deodorant is sold.  So I went home and tried it with my own anti-antiperspirant.  It works.  And I lived in swamp land!

4 // Take your tooth brush to go.

Best thing since sliced bread.  Especially when I was working.  No water required, no mes.  I would throw some Colgate Wisps into my purse and if I forgot to/didn't have time to brush my teeth that morning, I would use these in the car.  Also good for after coffee, naps, and lunch break.  They're a tad pricey, but keep your eyes peeled at local discount stores for them to turn up or buy an off-brand.  I got them for pennies at Big Lots.

Bonus: they kept Afon quiet for most of Mass and cleaned his teeth!

5 // Use toothpaste on spots.

You've got it anyway, right?  A tap of toothpaste on a pimple before bedtime works just as well as off-brand pimple cream.

Got any health, hygiene, or beauty life hacks?  Most of these were learned word-of-mouth, and I'm always looking for things to make life easier.  So do share!

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