Monday, 27 January 2014

Everything to Someone

You don't have to twist my arm to join a link-up about Chesterton.  You don't have to pay me.  You don't even have to ask nicely.  In fact, I'd probably pay you.  If I'm not reading Chesterton, I'm thinking Chesterton.  A little less successfully, I'm trying to live Chesterton; find the mystical in little, daily things, do what brings me joy, write about that which I find interesting ("there's no such thing as an uninteresting subject, only an uninterested person"--but that's for another weekend!) and which don't fit a genre and aren't aimed for results.  Remember what an awe-some privilege it is to fight the merry fight, though I may grow weary.

Maybe I'll post something every weekend, and maybe I won't.  But here's a start: the quote that named this blog.

As is always the case with anything of Chesterton's--be it a sentence, a paragraph, a chapter, a book--the significance of this simple thought crosses dimensions.  All things are a drop in the sea of his all-encompassing philosophy--which is only, after all, that "old" religion, Christianity.  So also the quote above is bigger that it first appears.  It's not just about motherhood; it's about anything that God has seen good and fit to give charge to us.  Whether that be children, or a husband, or a class full of students; stray cats, the poor, the parish women's club; a small business that makes beautiful, impractical things.  Making our stories, and making them whole; not playing small, compartmentalized roles that everyone expects of us or that modern society forces upon us; but being the multidimensional people He created us to be, with many aspects and complexities, each skill and wound and virtue and failing a strong clear note sounding in harmony.

We are all, everyone one of us, {everything to Someone}.

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