Friday, 11 December 2015

My Week in #7QT

My second godchild was baptized on Saturday.  John watched both Afon and Roan and let me slip away with just the family to a hidden Capuchin monastery in the Welsh hills that I didn't even know existed.  Our godson is the fifth son of friends of my husband's family.  Now I have two godchildren to pray for!

Safe to say Afon ate all of the chocolate coins Saint Nicholas brought and left the oranges.  The ceramic birdy and tea bag holder are for Mama and Daddy, respectively.  ;)

Wrote out most of my Christmas cards.  Now I just have to mail them (and therein lies the rub!).

An mid-week Advent visit to the church.

We attended Afon's Christmas pageant (in British speak, a pantomime), in which he played a star.  He was supposed to sing "Twinkle Twinkle" with the other stars, but he was too busy looking around.  Then he clapped when the audience applauded.  Yep, that's my special boy!

His is not a Catholic school, so I was surprised at the explicit appearance of baby Jesus and the other characters from the Christmas story, wise men and the like.  Goes to show how "the war on Christmas" is nonexistent in this country.  People say "happy Christmas," and no one is offended at the mention of it instead of the generic holidays.  State religion for the win?  (I kid!)  But somewhere, somehow, they're on to something.  Americans just like to feel entitled and/or offended by EVERYTHING.

After the pantomime, we were informed Afon had head lice.  Joy.

So, fun times.  (Fortunately, we were able to nip that in the bud before it became our fourth household epidemic.)

I was traveling along the shore and saw these birds soaring over the roof of the abandoned pier.  They glided just like a school of fish.

Rolling with the Takers at Written by the Finger of God.

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